2020 – About the album Rythme de Passage

Thierry Docmac, PARIS MOVE, France

“The Emie R Roussel (Trio) is a trio of great, very great talents […]. Each one of their albums has a meaning, a depth, and benefits from a high-level quality of realization. This new opus Rythme de Passage, is not ‘just another album’, it is a work that deserves all your attention and which the editors of Bayou Blue Radio and Paris-Move have the pleasure of rating as ‘Indispensable’.”

Tony Tremblay, ICI musique – Radio-Canada, Canada

“Solid, groovy, smart and captivating, the very strong Rythme de Passage not only marks an important anniversary in the trio’s career, but instantly becomes the album by which the Emie R Roussel Trio takes several big steps forward. Brilliant, stimulating and to listen to over and over.”

Dan McClenaghan, All about Jazz, United States ★★★★

“The music on Rythme de Passage, the group’s fifth album release, displays sharply-defined vision, a distinctive twenty-first century piano trio voice.”

Marty Delia, The Jazz Music Blog, Australia

“Rythme de Passage can be described in many ways, sublime, surreal, intoxicating and surprising just to mention a few. […] (the trio’s members) are a talented and cohesive combination that deliver style and finesse to their compositions and polished instrumental textures.”

Ivan Rod, Danmark ★★★★

“I see similarities with a band like The Bad Plus when I hear the trio, but still: It is also quite obvious – a fascinating, innovative familiarity that seeks the original and reveals both individual and collective quality.”

Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, Journal Le devoir, Canada

“The acoustic and electric instrumentations are a blend of various influences, of which we retain the contemporary anchoring, the remarkable efficiency of the grooves […], (and) a definite lyrical sense.”

Nigel Jarrett, Jazz Journal, United Kingdom

“The unexpected on this album happens every couple of bars in the shape of tempo shifts and displacements of accent, which give each track its originality beyond any interest in the tune itself.”

Keith Black, Winnipeg Free Press, Canada ★★★★

“The writing here is solidly in the modern jazz trio groove with mood swings and melodies showing each member in full involvement. […] This is contemporary jazz that is a treat to listen to.”

Dominique Boulay, PARIS MOVE, France ★★★★

“The best proof of the fusion between the members of the trio lies in this collective game of the three musicians from La Belle Province who converse, listen and respond to each other, sometimes with fieriness, sometimes more calmly, but always passionately and with great sensitivity.”

Marc Philip, Magazine-audio, Canada

“After four albums and several tours around the globe (11 countries visited on four continents), the trio has now reached a perfect maturity, to present us a particularly creative fifth disc. […] The creative genius of this ensemble is a highly moving experience […].”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record, United States

“A high minded piano trio that’s just tearing it up in the northern climes grabbing every award they seem to be within 50 feet of. […] Smartly done.”

Takehiko Tokiwa, Jazz Life, Japan

“Here is an alternative jazz trio from Canada, following in the footsteps of Medeski Martin & Wood or The Bad Plus.”

Raul da Gama, theWholeNote, Canada

“Rythme de Passage celebrates a decade of such musical collaboration; its repertoire clearly establishes how the relationship between each musician has evolved from being one in which the fire and brimstone of youth has paved the way for the well-honed values of experience. This is brilliantly caught in the sumptuous music of this record.”

Maxime Larcher, Couleurs Jazz, France

“From the magnetic groove of the title track Rythme de Passage to the soothing cadence of Maltagliati, the trio shapes the beats and pulses with ingenuity. The result is captivating, the energy that emanates from the pieces, palpable. […] The alchemy that unites those artists is undeniable and it enhances an already successful painting.”

Ron Schepper, Textura.org, Canada

“With a decade behind them, the three sound on this forty-seven-minute set like a trio in its prime as well as a distinctive exemplar of the jazz piano tradition as it currently stands.”

Mike Gates, UK Vibe, United Kingdom

“The interaction and understanding between the threesome makes for some wonderful moments, with the group interplay particularly noticeable throughout the session.”

Леонид АУСКЕРН, Jazz Quad, Russia

“In any case, Emie Rioux-Roussel and her trio are very creative and they have something to say to the listener, which portends new interesting works.”

2017 – About the album Intersections

Guillaume Bourgault-Côté, Journal Le Devoir, Canada

“Great grooves, rich compositions, ever-present dynamism, meticulous textures and contrasts.”

Claudia Beaumont, Ici Musique (Radio-Canada), Canada

“In our opinion, Intersections is the result of an expert combination of past and present influences, demonstrating surprising maturity in the writing, elegant as anyone could wish for, while preserving the fiery aura that emanates from their ambitious youth.”

Raul da Gama, The Whole Note, Toronto, Canada

“Music on Intersections is patently expansive and at times a veritable masterclass in how to build assiduous climaxes, how to intelligently scale one’s dynamics and how to balance the music’s massive textures in sonorously judicious proportions.”

Michel Dupuis, Le Magazine Son & Image, Canada

“Clearly funky architecture, melodic themes constantly renewed by each musician’s interactive playing, and remarkable cohesion acquired over many tours.

Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal, Canada

“More than high-end jazz, this is a mature album that demonstrates how much patience and hard work can “pay off”.”

Nicolas Pelletier, REVERB, Canada

“Emie R Roussel Trio –a thousand and one subtleties.” “This is another solid album that feeds the already rich jazz scene here!”

Étienne Anne-Lovely, Album of the day, Journal 24 heures, Canada

“The pieces in this album range from acoustic to more electric rhythms, but always in perfect musical symbiosis.”

Richard Dion, Musicomania, Canada

« With Intersections, it is an inspired and inspiring album that the Emie R Roussel Trio suggests, a highly creative contemporary jazz album. »

John Sharpe, London Scene Magazine, Canada

« At times mellow and introspective, at others robust and electric the chemistry between Roussel and her talented sidemen is evident throughout. »

2017 – About the concerts

Magazine Cairns life, Australia

« Having taken the Canadian and world jazz music scene by storm, the critically acclaimed award-winning trio Emie R Roussel have a strong message with their music : to touch people through a personal, thoughtful and coherent musical proposition. »

Peter Rechniewski, The Foundry 616, Australia

« If you missed this outstanding trio at the club back in 2014, then be sure to book ahead this time »

Joanne Kee/interview with Lynette Irwin, Jazz Australia, Australia

« I want to encourage people to take a punt on the incredibly talented young French/Canadian pianiste Emie R Roussel. »

2016 – About the concerts

Alain Brunet, La Presse, Canada

“Nice attack on the piano, beautiful articulation, excellent sense of rhythm. A powerful sound emerges from her keyboard when it’s time to raise the stakes.”

Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal, Canada

(Emie R Roussel Trio), “At the cutting edge of dynamic jazz […] Let’s say it again, she (Emie R Roussel) and her trio are definitely a solid value.”

Torino Cronacaqui, Italy

“Emie embodies the esthetics of the new generation of Canadian jazz musicians, guided by respect for the tradition and the search for new musical languages.”

Marco Basso, Journal LaStampa, Italy

(The Emie R Roussel Trio) “Award-winning, creative and fascinating, they have performed all over the world and are garnering vast success.”

2015 – About the Album QUANTUM

PDC, Jazz Magazine, France

« Quantum testifies to the coherence of a trio, which, far from over-structuring its music and locking it into a rigid framework, practices inventive interaction. »

Romain Grosman, Jazz News, France

« […] This trio has a kind of urgency and energy that sets them apart. Passion and freshness take the lead. »

Marc Myers, JazzWax, United States

« Trio jazz in the modern vernacular is featured here, with pulsating riffs and solos […]. Exciting music that packs a hypnotic fusion punch. »

Christophe Rodriguez, sortiesJAZZnights.com, Canada

Quantum is CDJazz #1 of the year 2015

Helena Smolak, Eastside 89.7 FM, Australia

« Their skills and talents blending together, will bedazzle you with lots of unbelievable Canadian jazz impressions.  »

John Fenton, JazzLocal32, New-Zealand

« Their music has a pulse and a vibe which draws on european classical music traditions and the deep earthy Jazz grooves that arose from the American continent.
-Her compositions are well thought out and adventurous; taking sudden twists and turns, but never losing sight of momentum and the inner logic. The segments are pieces of a puzzle placed by very skilful hands. »

Ralph Boncy, Journal Voir, Canada

« Something in the group’s dynamic captures and holds the audience’s attention from beginning to end […] Risked and won. »

Caroline Montpetit, Journal le Devoir, Canada

« Emie R Roussel, a rising star on the horizon. »

Francis Marmande, Journal Le Monde, France

« Emie R Roussel plays without bias, phrases effortlessly, composes with finesse. »

Claudia Beaumont, Ici Musique, Radio-Canada, Canada

« Quantum, inventive jazz, bright and elegant, as sophisticated as it is colourful. »

Armand Pirrone, Musical Programmer of FIP, France

« I discovered the excellent Emie R Roussel Trio in 2012 at Festival de jazz de Montréal. Made-in-Québec jazz combining subtlety, freshness and swing. »

2013 – About the album TRANSIT

Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal,  june 22th 2013 ★★★★★

« Eight brilliantly written tracks that inspire admiration »

Stanley Péan, Journal Voir, june 27th 2013

« Roussel offers even more personal and evocative themes, orchestrated with refinement and interpreted with inspiration and rhythmic aplomb » 3 1/2 stars

Alain Brunet, La Presse, june 28th 2013

« The young pianist is well on her way to joining the elite of the Québec Jazz scene”, “We haven’t heard the last of her”, and describes the trio as “very promising »

2010 – About the album TEMPS INÉGAL

Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal, march 20th 2011 ★★★★

« un recueil on ne peut plus solide »[..]« qui ne réfute certainement pas les influences de Bill Evans et Chick Corea, (Temps Inégal) accroche immédiatement l’oreille par de véritables idées créatrice »

Frédéric Cardin, Espace.mu, septembrer 1st 2011

« Emie fait un jazz moderne et charnel, intelligent et sensitif, enraciné dans la nouvelle modernité « accessible » représentée par Brad Mehldau, EST Trio et le jazz nordique européen, entre autres. »