Rythme de passage


“Jazz Album of the Year”
at l’ADISQ 2020

Already ten years have passed since the Emie R Roussel Trio produced their first album. Time has gone by at a crazy pace, leading us in turn to make a stopover in the more classical world of the string quartet, unite in a single and indivisible core, and share our universe with inspired and inspiring musicians met where our influences and paths have crossed. Our music has also traveled, taking us on a journey to discover the beauty and aroma of wonderful places. The dawning of a new decade sees us inspired by all those moments and encounters as we begin a new chapter. That long journey over many years has shaped the identity of the trio. The music of this fifth album is like a conversation, in turn quiet or agitated, even passionate, a testament to our complicity and an important milestone in our collective history.

  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Piano & Keyboard
  • Nicolas Bédard: Double bass & electric Bass
  • Dominic Cloutier:  Drums


  • Emie Rioux-Roussel : Tracks 1-2-4-6-8
  • Nicolas Bédard : Tracks 3-5-7


  • Emie R Roussel Trio : Tracks 1-2-4-6-8
  • Nicolas Bédard : Tracks 3-5-7



“Jazz Album of the Year” at l’ADISQ 2018

Prix Opus 2019 – Nominations
“Jazz Album of the Year – Jazz” & “Show of the Year – Jazz”

During the last few years, the Trio has had the privilege of presenting their music in eleven countries on four continents. The time spent together discovering other cultures during these trips deeply impacted and inspired the Trio, who are back with a whole new level of complicity and mutual understanding on their new album, Intersections. The hard-won musical cohesion of the group’s three members puts a particular spotlight on groove and melody via a sound at times more acoustic, at others more electric. On their respective journeys, the members of the group had the chance to cross paths with musicians who affected them tremendously. This inspired the idea to bring together the evolving musical universe of the Trio with the influences of three special guests, for each of whom was written a unique composition that would best benefit from their collaboration. Thus the album consists of seven tunes as a trio, and three as a quartet, presenting in their turn Guadeloupean singer and songwriter Malika Tirolien, Canadian/New-Zealand trumpeter Lex French, and Canadian bassist Norman Lachappelle. These precious shared moments, and each member’s creativity, meet at the crossroads of their respective paths, the intersections of their musical odysseys…

  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Piano & Keyboard
  • Nicolas Bédard: Double Bass & Electric Bass
  • Dominic Cloutier: Drums


  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Tracks 1 to 6, 8
  • Emie Rioux-Roussel & Dominic Cloutier: Tracks 9 & 10
  • Nicolas Bédard: Track 7

Lyrics: Malika Tirolien (Away)


  • Malika Tirolien: Vocals (Away)
  • Lex French: Trumpet (De Tadoussac à Auckland)
  • Norman Lachapelle: (Tout le monde ensemble)

Arrangements : Emie R Roussel Trio



Winner Félix 2015
“Jazz Album of the Year” at l’ADISQ

In physics, a Quantum is the smallest indivisible unit. It also provides a perfect illustration of the trio: an ensemble composed of three individuals, with similarities as well as differences, joining together to create a unique and indivisible core. Nine pieces and four interludes act like atoms, simple individual elements uniting and combining with each other to form a whole, a complete experience. Drawing more than ever upon the creativity and cohesion of all three members, this very personal opus is marked both by the group’s singular acoustic sound and a more pronounced “groove” colour. In fact, while recording our previous album TRANSIT, we discovered that each of us had always been deeply interested in R&B music. It was therefore perfectly natural and logical for us to incorporate R&B colour into our artistic process. In this environment of sharing and exchange, Quantum was born, an album where the search for sounds and textures links our beginnings to our present, while paving a path towards the future.

  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Piano, Rhodes
  • Nicolas Bédard: Double Bass, electric bass
  • Dominic Cloutier: Drums
  • Compositions: Emie Rioux-Roussel
  • Arrangements: Emie R Roussel Trio



Winner Prix Opus 2013-2014
“Jazz Album of the Year”

The album Transit merges the sounds and aesthetics of a string quartet with those of a jazz trio. Together, these two groups provide as much power and intensity as they do intimacy. Percussion elements usually associated with orchestra music, such as timpani drums and tubular bells, are added to the mix. The challenge was to blend the colours of the trio and the string quartet to create a seamless whole. In this spirit of symbiosis, the strings have a more melodic and rhythmical dimension, rather than simply a backup role. So, here, along our path, is a stopover, a transit.

Emie R Roussel Trio

  • Emie Rioux-Roussel: Piano/compositions/arrangments
  • Nicolas Bédard: Accoutic Bass
  • Dominic Cloutier Drums

Quatuor St-Germain

  • Élise Lavoie: Violin
  • Hugues Laforte Bouchard: Violin
  • Steeve St-Pierre: Viola
  • James Darling: Cello

Quatuor St-Germain Website

Julie Quimper: Percussions



Le temps est-il toujours égal ou n’est-ce qu’une illusion? Objectivement, il est constant. Cependant, les moments de bonheur semblent parfois éphémères. À l’opposé, les périodes difficiles nous paraissent souvent interminables. Malgré tout, le temps lui, ne varie jamais. Seule notre perception du temps diffère. Celle-ci guide notre vie, lui concède une dimension plus émotive et moins terre-à-terre.

C’est cette même spontanéité émotive qui nous permet de créer. Que ce soit en art visuel, en théâtre ou en musique, l’émotion guide la création. Elle permet de se dépasser, de découvrir et d’innover. Cependant, elle est de courte durée car arrive rapidement la rationalité qui vient structurer et rendre le résultat plus objectif. De cette dualité entre émotivité et objectivité est né le projet. La musique du Emie R Roussel Trio reflète une forme d’équilibre dans ce temps inégal.

  • Piano et composition : Emie R Roussel
  • Contrebasse : Guillaume Blouin
  • Batterie : Guillaume Perron